Sometimes when it comes to finding a new female employee it might be a good idea to take the job interview out of the office and make it more casual. And group interviews in a more casual setting can be very useful and a better use of your time. If you have three potential candidates for the position bring them all in at once. That will also give you a chance to see how they work in a team. At the same time it’s important to give them all a chance to show their talents and skills.

Even though it’s a more casual setting it’s important that they look presentable and know how to present themselves in a way that will suit your needs. When the round of presentation is over give them a few simple tasks to complete. Remember to give each candidate time to show you how she completes each task. That way it will be easier to pick the candidate best suited for the job in the end. Be sure to make it clear who is the boss and tell them when to switch tasks so each candidate gets equal opportunity to shine.

When the interview is over it’s important to make it clear that you will call them if you are interested. Maybe you will decide that none of the candidates are qualified, or maybe you will need some of them to come in for a second interview.

Women in the workplace.